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Red Rock State Park – Scenic Sedona Hiking Adventure


Although Red Rock State park resides just outside the city limits, there are far too many people who have yet to discover the serene beauty of this area. Sedona Red Rock hiking provides the world with an array of magnificent Sedona hiking trails. As an avid hiker myself—not to mention your guide if you join us on tour—what I enjoy most about hiking in this location is the diversity of the trail system. There are so many places to visit while you exercise, breathe in the cool air, and enjoy time with your friends and family.

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The calming waters of Oak Creek cut right through the park, allowing hikers to traverse several locations where trails cross over the creek. Sedona Red Rock hiking that crosses the creek is always a memorable experience.

The unique ecosystem that exists in the riparian areas is one-of-a-kind, providing shade in the summer months via gigantic Arizona Sycamore and cottonwood trees. These same trees offer many colors in autumn as the leaves begin transitioning from summer to winter.

The park is also a habitat for many birds and other local wildlife, including mule deer, javelina, coyotes, and bobcats. You might spot these species while exploring several great trails on Sedona hiking tours.

My favorite experience while hiking here is the sweeping views of Cathedral Rock visible from most trails on Sedona Red Rock tours within the park. Cathedral Rock is the most photographed rock formation in Sedona and one of our most potent Sedona vortex sites.

What’s genuinely great about Red Rock State Park is that it offers numerous choices for Sedona hiking trails. Whether you feel like a casual hike along the creek or a more strenuous hike to one of the high points within the park, you’ll find the perfect Sedona hiking tour for you. With seven trails to choose from, you can easily find Sedona hiking tours to fit your endurance level and interests.

My personal favorite trail is the Eagle’s Nest Loop. This trail takes hikers to one of the highest points within the park and affords you sweeping views in all directions.

Sedona Red Rock tours also traverse the Kisva Trail and Smoke Trail for those hot summer days. Both of these trails meander along the floodplain of Oak Creek. The House of Apache Fire is on the property, which interconnects with the Coyote Ridge Trail and the Javelina Trail. The former president of TWA Airlines built quite an impressive home here that hikers can see on the Apache Fire Trail.

On the western park boundary is the Yavapai Ridge Trail, which also offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Really, there’s no bad trail or route within the park. Although there are only seven trails to choose from, there are far more possible routes depending on the time and distance you wish to go while on your Sedona hiking adventure with us.

Our hiking adventures average three to four hours, but can go longer or shorter depending on your hiking ability, climatic factors, and how often you stop to photograph the surrounding landscape. The price includes water and lunch. Children 15 and under are free on this hiking tour.



What better way to spend half a day in Sedona than on a hiking tour among the splendor of red rocks, buttes, and cliffs of Sedona’s incredible geological landscape? Enjoy a private guided hike tailored to your experience level and interests. Learn about the vortex sites, subtle energies present here, and the geological history, flora, fauna, and more.

Depending on your hiking interests, the hike portion is 2-3 hours long. We offer complimentary hotel pickup anywhere in Sedona and digital photos of your experience with us. After your hike, we will take you to a private yoga studio (inside) or the Amitabha Stupa (outside), where you can enjoy a 75-minute Chocolate Hatha Yoga Class with Reiki Healing.

Chocolate Yoga, you say? We provide you with a bar of chocolate from Lulu’s Chocolate, a local chocolatier producing raw, organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free sundries. Also, consider the chance to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit on this incredible hiking tour offered by Wine Tours of Sedona.

​The price covers all these great activities in a single purchase package.

Sedona boasts world-famous red rocks, nearly 2 million acres of Coconino National Forest land, as well as refreshing Oak Creek and the Verde River. As part of the Sedona community, we cherish these spaces and want to care for them so that everyone can enjoy them for generations to come. That is why Wine Tours of Sedona has partnered with Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, and businesses and organizations across the city to protect this magnificent landscape by inspiring visitors and residents to care for our outdoor spaces. In order to protect these treasures, we ask that you practice Sedona’s Leave No Trace principles and make your promise by taking the Sedona Cares Pledge at

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