Wine selection is an art that requires a bit of knowledge and a lot of experimentation. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect bottle for a specific event or occasion. A Sedona wine tour is a fun way to familiarize yourself with different types of wine from local growers. With a little trial and error and our best tips and tricks, you can make the perfect choice every time.

Choosing the Perfect Bottle For Your Event

The first thing that you should consider when choosing your wine is the occasion. Different types of wine are better suited for different kinds of events and meals. While winery tours are a fun way to sample different varieties, knowing which bottle to pick up can still be a struggle.


Weddings are a time for celebration, and is there anything more celebratory than a bottle of bubbly? Sparkling wines such as champagne or prosecco are the perfect choice for your wedding toast–or the after-party!

Date Nights

Start with white wine if you’re looking for the perfect beverage to pair with your next romantic rendezvous. If you and your love are enjoying a spicier meal, opt for something with a crisp flavor. If you’re enjoying a hearty, meat-centered dish, venture into darker territory and go with something red.

Cookouts/Dinner Parties

For cookouts and dinner parties, you really can’t go wrong with any wine, but before you buy your booze, think about what else you’re planning to serve.

Consider Your Meal

Everyone knows that different meals call for different drinks. Your wine selection should complement the flavors and spices of the dishes you are serving. Taking a Sedona wine tour is a great way to learn about different drink pairings to help you prepare for your next party.


A light, crisp white wine is usually the best choice when pairing wine with seafood. Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Grigio are all great options. These wines have a high acidity that cuts through the rich flavors of seafood and brings out their natural sweetness.

Poultry And Pork

A medium-bodied white wine like Chardonnay features a buttery, creamy flavor ideal for poultry dishes, while a light red wine like Pinot Noir lends a light, fruity flavor to any meal with pork. Don’t be afraid to branch out if you have other preferences when it comes to your wine.

Red Meats

For red meats like steak, full-bodied red wine is a must. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah are all great options. Red wines have a high tannin content that helps to soften the rich flavors of red meats, emphasizing their natural sweetness.

Spicy Foods

If you’re serving something spicy, choosing a wine with a high acidity level is a good choice. Riesling and Gewürztraminer are both great options. The acidity helps cut through the heat, creating a delightful balance between your beverage and meal.


Wine and cheese is a classic pairing, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get right. A general rule of thumb is to look for similar flavor profiles. For example, a sharp cheddar pairs well with a full-bodied red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon, while a creamy brie pairs well with a buttery Chardonnay. Some winery tours feature a charcuterie board for a truly indulgent experience.


Who doesn’t like dessert? When choosing a wine for your final course, opt for something sweeter than the dish. A luscious Moscato or a tender red wine like Port can be a great choice. Even the most decadent of desserts will benefit from these tasty pairings.

Your Budget

The next thing to think about is your budget. Wine prices can vary greatly, and selecting a wine within your budget is crucial. You can still find great wines at affordable prices. However, remember that it may be okay to splurge a little for special occasions.

  • Explore lesser-known regions: Small, local vineyards are hidden treasure troves for affordable, high-quality wine. For example, Vino De Sedona has an incredible selection of beverages.
  • Shop sales and clearance: Many retailers offer discounts on wines close to their expiration date or brands that may be overstocked.
  • Try wines from the “off-vintage” year: Wine from a difficult growing season can be significantly less expensive than wine from a “great” vintage.
  • Try different varieties and brands: Prominent brands usually come with a heftier price tag. Shop off the beaten path for something inexpensive and delicious.
  • Look for wines with screw caps: Wines with screw caps are often less expensive than those with traditional cork closures, and they can be just as good.
  • Buy in bulk: Buying a case of wine can often result in a significant discount. Plus, that’s more wine for you!
  • Look beyond labels: A wine with a fancy label or elaborate packaging is not necessarily a good wine.

Think of Your Guests

If you’re hosting a party or other event, think about your guests. Not everyone likes the same type of wine, so it is important to consider your guests’ preferences and choose a wine that everyone will enjoy.

  • Mix it up: Taking recommendations from your guests is a fun way to discover new favorites and expand your taste.
  • Ask for help: Local vineyards and shops have knowledgeable staff to assist you in your selection.
  • Go on a winery tour: Going on a winery tour like a Sedona wine tour is a great way to learn more about wine and find something new to impress your guests.
  • Take note: Take note of what you try and what you like about each bottle. This can make selecting a wine well-suited for your next occasion easier.

Raise Your Glass

Wine is the perfect addition to any occasion. A Vino De Sedona tour is a great way to get acquainted with incredible local wines to help you find something special for your next party.

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