Are you looking to visit a place that is overflowing with history, natural beauty, and local charm? Sedona, Arizona is the place to see!

Popular Sedona attractions and Sedona outdoor activities bring people from miles away. Those looking to hike, shop, and meditate find themselves drawn to the magical city.

There are bucket-list places to see and historic tours in Sedona that you shouldn’t miss. We’ve got the top 10 things to do in Sedona, including where to find the best restaurants in Sedona!

Let us be your guide to the best vacation in Sedona. Keep reading to plan your trip!

1. Stargaze

Sedona’s smaller population and almost perfect year-round stargazing conditions make it one of the top 20 destinations in the world to view the night sky. This is one of the most popular Sedona outdoor activities.

Take an evening to enjoy the majestic sunset of Sedona and follow it with gazing at stars and planets you wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else.

If you’d prefer to have an experienced guide, there are evening sky tours available. These night sky experts point out the constellations and details you might miss on your own.

2. Visit the Four Vortexes

Many believe that mystical, cosmic forces emanate from the red rocks of Sedona. People come from far and wide to meditate at these “vortices” of healing energy.

All of Sedona is known for radiating energy. However, 4 of the most well-known vortexes are…

  • Airport Mesa
  • Bell Rock
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Boynton Canyon

If you decide to visit, don’t be surprised when you find people meditating. Be respectful of those who know these vortexes as places of enlightenment.

3. Shop Tlaquepaque

Take a break from exploring the great outdoors by spending some time at Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village. Though it is still an outdoor shopping center, you’re trading in the dusty roads for quaint cobblestone paths.

You’ll find handmade jewelry, music, and food. The restaurants in Sedona offer a unique, local flavor.

Sedona is home to over 80 art galleries and has art festivals occurring year-round.

This is why you’ll find art galleries and shops containing local art and glassware among the mosaic fountains and charming restaurants of Tlaquepaque. It’s worth checking out for the architecture alone!

4. Cool Off at Slide Rock

If the desert heat becomes too much in the summer months, visit Slide Rock State Park. Slide Rock is an 80-foot-long natural waterslide!

The park also has many natural swimming pools. Many families take the day to soak up the Sedona sun while cooling off in the sparkling waters.

5. Relax at a Spa

Since Sedona is known as a place of spiritual healing, the city boasts many spas that renew and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. These spas are popular Sedona attractions.

You can find more than just your typical scrubs and massages here. Some of these destination spas offer chakra-balancing, deep-tissue massages. Others include guided meditations and therapies.

6. Hike Devil’s Bridge Trail

There is no shortage of hiking trails in Sedona. It’s safe to say that’s one of the top things to do in Sedona and what most visitors plan to spend their time doing.

One bucket-list place to hike while visiting Sedona is Devil’s Bridge Trail. The largest natural sandstone arch in Sedona is a 1.8-mile hike roundtrip.

The Devil’s Bridge Trail has incredible views that are easy enough for the most casual hiker to reach. There is even a natural rock staircase!

7. Take a Scenic Drive

While some sights demand a hike to be seen, there are stunning, scenic drives that require no walking to enjoy. The following are 3 of the most popular drives:

  • Red Rock Scenic Byway
  • Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road
  • Red Rock Loop Road

All of these drives have places to get out and explore more of the area. Bring your camera for some of these photography-friendly sights!

8. Go Off-Roading

Another way to explore Sedona without hiking is with a 4WD vehicle. Sedona has a network of 4×4 roads that are accessible by 4WD vehicles or Jeep tours.

Check out Schnebly Hill Road, Dry Creek Basin, and Broken Arrow by driving the rugged terrain instead of walking. Keep in mind that it’s a bumpy ride!

9. Pray at the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park is a 14-acre park established at the base of Thunder Mountain. Though it’s a Buddhist monument, all religions are welcome to pray and meditate.

There are trails to walk and shady places to meditate in the serene park. Visits are free as the park is supported only by donations.

10. Experience Sedona’s Wine Country

Sedona isn’t a dusty, desert wasteland. It’s an impressive oasis of rock formations and, that’s right, wine country.

These green vineyards offer wine tours, date nights, and many other flavorful experiences. Set aside a day or evening to enjoy the local decanters or spend your trip to Sedona touring these pristine wineries.

Many of the tours overlook or include the historic sights of Sedona. It’s a great way to enjoy the city and its local fare.

Visit and Learn With These Things to Do in Sedona

We’ve given you 10 of the most popular and spectacular things to do in Sedona when you visit. Now it’s up to you to fill your Sedona vacation schedule with the activities that appeal most to your interests.

Sedona has something for everyone. It’s enjoyed by solo travelers and families alike.

History buffs relish the historic tours in Sedona. Outdoor enthusiasts look forward to hiking the canyons and trails.

Whether you’re coming to hike, relax, or wine taste, Sedona welcomes you with open arms. The city rich in history and beauty awaits!

If you’re thinking of visiting Sedona, let us help organize your Sedona vacation schedule. Join us at our winery or check out our adventure tours here!

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