For the wine lovers among us, a new bottle is always the best gift—and though we say “new,” the dustier the bottle, the better! On our Arizona winery tours we are always in the mood for gifts, and each tour at our winery—Sedona, AZ’s favorite—is like a gift that keeps on giving. However, you may find that you want something a little different, or special to give to your favorite wine enthusiast for a special occasion. This is when you want to go beyond the bottle.

Each of the items on this list will impact your wine lover’s life and be a great treat for any season and any occasion, from birthdays to holidays to “just because.” If you want something that is sure to surprise and please the wine drinkers in your life, try a gift idea that looks past the delicious tastes to be found within the bottle—and something that will pair so well with it like salmon and Pinot Noir.

If you want to explore some of the fabulous and taste-bud-pleasing wines that will make these gifts truly sing, we would love to invite you to our Arizona winery. Tours are a fantastic way to sample different wines and gain firsthand experience learning how the right accouterments can help enhance the experience. Then, if you like what you see, you can try Sedona wine tours, and tours across other parts of Arizona wine country. An endless list of palatable possibilities awaits.

Electric Wine Opener

Though some people prefer the feel of a hand-turned wine opener, for the contemporary wine lover, an electric wine opener is the perfect gadget gift. They look sleek and charge quickly. Made from stainless steel, they do more than just look stylish, they pop open a bottle with flair so that you can get to the most important part: the sipping!

Wine Bottle Chiller

A decorative wine bottle ice chiller can add a touch of class and taste to your setup, especially when entertaining a crowd. If you know a wine enthusiast who loves to entertain, try an ice chiller with a colorful pattern to help bring a theme to life. It will create an unforgettable sense of style for the event and keep the wine nice and cold for the guests. This is a can’t-miss gift!

Wine and Cheese Tote

Taking wine on a picnic evokes so many feelings. It’s classy and romantic, lending a certain sophistication to a time-honored tradition. What’s not to love? You get the fresh air and scenic views, and a table or blanket to spread out, enjoy the sun, and partake in some of your favorite delicacies. A wine and cheese tote gives you a beautiful and stylish way to transport its namesakes: a bottle or two of your preferred flavor and some delicious treats—like cheese! You can also bring a charcuterie set, your favorite crackers, and any healthy, fresh snacks that would complete your picnic.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are elegant and fun, coming in a set of many colors that injects a little pizzazz into a get-together. Why just drink wine when you can enjoy a splash of color with every sip? A colorful stemless wine glass set makes for a thoughtful gift, especially when paired with a bottle of your wine lover’s favorite wine.

Cheese Platter

The classic combination remains a classic for a reason: cheese is a wonderful treat to pair with wine. A classy cheese platter with premium cheeses and meats is popular with almost anyone, but wine drinkers especially enjoy the chance to satisfy their palates with varied pairings. For your vegetarian wine-loving friends, consider a cheese-only platter. With the right amount of variety, you might even help your special someone discover a new favorite!

Wine and Food Recipe Guide

Do you know someone who wants to learn more about wines, especially how to pair them with different meals? A recipe guide that contains recommendations along with recipes can help even a new wine connoisseur learn more about the potential combinations and how to avoid that embarrassing wine-mismatch faux pas at their first event! Plus, each guide tends to have delicious recipes, so as an added bonus, you may just get invited to dinner.

Wine Decanter

Decanters serve multiple important purposes when it comes to wine. They aerate your wine, but they also look amazing as part of the decor. When you’re drinking wine, the atmosphere is an important part of the experience. You will see this in action at our winery. Sedona, AZ is a beautiful place, but wine tours unlock its truest beauty.

Wine/Champagne Bucket

Wine buckets are great for large events and parties with multiple bottles on display. Fill them with ice and seat your bottles in an eye-catching arrangement, put it at the heart of a stylish spread, add some of the colorful stemless wine glasses above to each place setting, and watch your guests’ eyes light up when they walk in the room.

Book a Wine Tour

Treat someone special with a decadent tour at a fabulous Arizona winery. Tours offer so much value for the cost, and for a wine-lover, they’re heavenly—take a stroll through beautiful countryside, sample multiple wines and paired snacks, and learn more about the process. What could be more exciting than a Sedona or Verde Valley wine tour?

A Tour of Taste

Wine Tours of Sedona offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the tastes, sights, sounds, and smells of wine country. Our expert guides will bring you the very best of our fine Arizona winery. Tours are private, personalized, and memorable. The greatest gift you can give a wine-lover is the joy of a wine tour that will last a lifetime.

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