I am sympathetic to how the coronavirus has effected you, your family and friends, business and professional colleagues, and your travel plans as well as how it affecting our global family, and Mother Earth.

As of March 20, our state governor, Doug Ducey has mandated that all restaurants offer take out food only. In addition, all bars which includes vineyard locations or stand alone tasting rooms to be closed until further notice. This also includes all micro-breweries and even the raw chocolate shops we patronize.

Due to the extenuating nature of what’s going on, and doing extensive research into coronavirus, as a business owner, humanitarian; all tours now through March 31st are cancelled. I will be reevaluating things as our state government makes decisions that affect our state economy, my business, and your travel plans. For in light of what’s going on, I have no place to take you, for everything is closed. Furthermore, for my own safety and health, as well as your own; I do believe it is in our best interest to go into isolation and stay home as tp prevent the possible spread of this virus. Your health, my health, the health of our global society is more important than and public interactions.

I am most empathetic to the state of our global and national communities due to this coronavirus outbreak. I feel very bad for all those who have spent months, perhaps years planning their vacation, only to have it occur during this global pandemic. My heart truly goes out to you. But I do know, we will all get through this together, and once Mother Earth heals itself, we as a species heal ourselves, people will be able to travel again. From everything I have read, once the temperatures rise, the virus cannot sustain itself in the heat. This is projected to be sometime in June through August that the virus cases and spread should come to a halt. When that happens, when the quarantines have been lifted, when the restaurants, wine tasting establishments, and micro-breweries open; I welcome your business. I appreciate your business. I am grateful for your business.

Therefore, any cancellations that are made by you, my customer; or by me because of state shutdowns and quarantine protocols going into place leave me unable to provide you the tour that was scheduled at this time. Your tour will be cancelled. All cancelations are made due to the coronavirus, travel restrictions, mandatory quarantines; will will issue you a gift card for the amount in which you paid for your tour. These gift cards have no expiration date and may be used when you are ready to come to Arizona. Under no circumstances are gift cards redeemable for cash, though they are transferable, simply by sharing the gift cert code.

As many of us have been panning through the Internet, there is a lot of information on the web. Much of it is designed by media to bring chaos and fear to the public. In wishing to bring education and information to the public, I am attaching a link by someone who I have a lot of respect for, Gregg Braden. It is titled Truth and Fiction Coronavirus. I urge you to watch it to the very end because it provides a lot of helpful information to help you. https://youtu.be/zwiS37SYE6k

I appreciate your understanding in this matter and again hope for the best for your family and all those all across Mother Earth being affected by this terrible outbreak.

I look forward to when the Earth and mankind is healed so I can go back to doing what I love most, and that is being a tour guide. When that happens, one thing is for certain, I will be very excited to take you on an extraordinary tour, allowing my passion for what I do to enhance your experience and create a wonderful memory for you to bring home.

Updated March 22, 2020

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