We change our clothes with the seasons, the same way we change the activities we do. We even change our coffee orders depending on the seasons- pumpkin spice lattes, anyone?

If we change all of these, then why not try changing our wine pairing with the seasons? Each season has its own wine pairing that goes great with the mood of the season, and we’ll prove it to you.

In this article, we’ll explain what wine pairings you should try depending on what time of year it is. We’ll also explain why wine tasting in Arizona- specifically, wine tasting in Sedona- is such a good idea, as well as some wineries in the Sedona area.

All you need to do to familiarize yourself with this great new trend is keep reading.

Why Try Seasonal Wine Pairing?

There are two good reasons to try seasonal wine pairing: food and temperature.

Foods, like everything else, go in and out of season. Stew is wonderful in autumn and winter, but no one wants it in summer. Likewise, no one wants simple grilled fish during the winter.

Temperature plays a big part in wine pairing as well. Depending on what kind of wine you’re serving, it needs to be served at a certain temperature. For example, if you have snow on the ground outside you’re likely not going to want a chilled wine.

Wine Pairing With the Seasons

When it comes to wine pairing, there’s a few wines for each season. The temperature outside and the food served, as discussed already, are two big factors for wine pairing.

Another big part of wine pairing is the season the grapes are picked. In addition, many restaurants participate in something called seasonal cooking. Their wines may change with the menu.

Finally, you also need to keep in mind the texture and weight of the wines as you pair them throughout the seasons.


Spring is the season of light and airy weather, fresh sunlight, and a new zest for life. As such, your wines should also be light and full of flavor.

The best wines for spring are white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc. This wine pairs well with greens- whether they’re grilled asparagus or a freshly tossed salad.

Chardonnay, a typically oaky wine, is an excellent follow-up- especially the less-oaky kinds. These are perfect to pair with foods such as lemon chicken and greens.


Summer, like spring, is a time for lighter, fresh foods. Picture a barbecue or a nice, crisp salad. Whether you like white, red or rose wine, there’s a wine pairing that’s perfect for you.

Warm weather like summer suits rose wine excellently, given that one of the most popular snacks is a meat and cheese board.

You can follow this up with a simple, fruity dessert. Something like chilled peaches- even ones from the can- would be a perfect finish to a meal consisting of salty meats and fatty cheeses.


Autumn is the season when the weather starts cooling off. Everything is misty, slightly chilly and the only thing you might find yourself wanting is a hearty bowl of stew.

When this time of year hits, red wine is the best way to go. Red wines such as Pinot Noir often have rich, earthy flavors. These go well with the hearty meals that autumn gives way to, whether they’re grilled lamb or some sort of mushroom stroganoff.


Winter is the time of year when red wine truly shines. When the weather is bitingly cold and the snow is coming down steadily, you should break out a robust wine such as Merlot.

There are many flavor combinations these rich wines go well with, such as mashed potatoes and gravy or a nice, thick beef stew.

Wine Tasting in Arizona: Why Go?

Wine tours are an excellent way to explore your tastes as a wine lover. In addition, they can also make a wonderful vacation with your friends or a romantic getaway for you and your loved ones.

However, wine tasting in Arizona isn’t the only important part of the tour. The experiences you have are just as important as the wines you taste. So consider what you want from the tour and plan accordingly.

Wine Tasting in Sedona

Going wine tasting in Sedona is an incredible experience, especially if you book with Wine Tours of Sedona.

Sedona has a rich, involved history and many historic sites. You should take time to visit these spots while you’re in town.

Sedona has also been used as a filming site for many different movies. The gorgeous scenery makes for incredible backdrops in film.

Speaking of the scenery, nature in Sedona is beautiful. The desert is packed with plant life, and wildlife is thriving. If you choose to go on a hike in Sedona, you’ll get a chance to see all of this.

No matter what you choose to do in between wine tasting, your time in Sedona will be unforgettable!

Wineries in Sedona

If you’re thinking about going wine tasting in Sedona, you’ll surely want to know about the wineries in Sedona. There are eight vineyards available through Wine Tours of Sedona alone.

In addition, many of the local restaurants serve wine! You’ll be able to have an incredible experience as well as a lovely meal.

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