Every year, beautiful Sedona, AZ sees about 3 million tourists. People flock to this desert from the far corners of the earth, looking to enjoy all that Sedona has to offer. From warm weather to beautiful sights, Sedona has it all.

If you’re interested in visiting Northern Arizona and want to enjoy a brewery in Sedona, there are certain times of the year that are better to visit than others. Should you not mind crowds, you might even want to visit Sedona when one of its popular festivals is in full swing. This way you can enjoy the best of Sedona while scheduling a tour of a local brewery and enjoy some delicious craft beer.

This helpful guide walks you through the best times to visit Sedona, ensuring you take in the sights while visiting some amazing breweries and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Best Time of Year

Although Sedona is beautiful all year long, there are certain times of year that are better to visit than others. This takes into consideration the weather, crowds, and your beer budget, as certain seasons are more expensive than others.

Here are the best seasons to visit.


March through May is the ideal time to visit a Sedona Brewery. Since spring is the most comfortable season in Sedona, you can sit outside your favorite Sedona brewing company and enjoy a beverage from the drink menu.

The temperatures are moderate but not too warm. Expect temperatures between the 60s and 80s, with moderate amounts of rainfall.

Keep in mind that this is the height of tourism, which means you may pay more for local attractions or for lodging. You’ll also encounter much larger crowds when you book during this time of year.


Fall is another great time of year to visit one of Sedona’s breweries. It’s slightly cooler than summer, but temperatures can still reach the 90s. However, you won’t have the same heat-stroke advisories as in the summer.

Prices are a little less expensive than the summer and crowds should start to thin out, making it easier to tour local breweries.


Winter is another great time to visit Sedona. You can sample popular beers available for the holidays, creating a memorable experience.

You’ll be greeted with comfortable weather that includes minimal precipitation. You’ll also benefit from temperatures in the 60s which is a welcome surprise if you live somewhere that drops to freezing temperatures.

It does get cold at night, so pack warm clothes. You can even spend these cold desert nights curled up by the fire as you enjoy craft beer from a local brewery.

Seasons to Avoid

Summer in Sedona, AZ can be very hot. This means you may experience temperatures more than 100 degrees. You also run the risk of dealing with the monsoon season.

There is also extreme humidity during the summer months and thunderstorms that seemingly come out of nowhere, so this may not be the best time to visit a brewery in Sedona, especially since you’ll spend most of your peak sunlight hours inside, avoiding heat stroke.

Special Events

Sedona offers several different festivals throughout the year. You can enjoy local activities while enjoying beers from breweries.

Here are some festivals to plan your trip around.

Sedona Yoga Festival

The Sedona Yoga Festival provides in-depth yoga workshops, along with meditation and other opportunities to engage in deep exploration. You’ll work with some of the best minds in the yoga community, participating in panels, keynote addresses, entertainment, sacred chant, and so much more.

You can use this time to venture out and experience all that Sedona has to offer, including local breweries to further relax and unwind.

Food Truck Festival

Is there anything better than a food truck festival plus beer? Although the Sedona Food Truck Festival offers craft beer from a variety of local vendors, you can kick things up a notch by exploring some local breweries to see how things are made.

This festival is held at Posse Grounds Park located in Red Rock Country. Enjoy musical performances and plenty of delicious food.

Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

Another popular attraction is the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival. This three-day long event has bike demos, more than 90 vendors, a beer garden to visit before you check out local breweries, food trucks, and so much more.

You can tear it up on Sedona’s 250 miles of singletrack before topping your night off with some craft beer from a local brewery.

Sedona Arts Festival

If you’re looking to enjoy local artists before venturing out on your local brewery tour, consider visiting the Sedona Arts Festival. This amazing arts festival is the largest and oldest in the community and raises money for scholarships and other art programs.

To date, the festival has raised over $300,000, so not only will you have a great time checking out local artists, but you’ll be giving back to the community as well.

When Will You Visit a Brewery in Sedona?

Now that you know all about some of the most amazing festivals happening in Sedona, all that’s left to do is book your trip. If you’re looking to visit a brewery in Sedona, consider the time of year you’re planning on visiting and consider avoiding the hot summer months when heat and tourism are at their peak.

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