You might think of Hershey’s or Mars chocolates as “normal” chocolates if you only shop at a gas station or convenience store. Maybe you’re a fan of Godiva, Dove, Lindt, or Ghirardelli chocolates. For me, and this is just my opinion, from a self-proclaimed REAL and PURE chocolate lover, consumer, and raw chocolate maker; those chocolates are mere candy. The chocolates available to you in Sedona and on our tours are more than just candy; they’re superfoods. If you’re not sure what a superfood is, then you are in for a big and exciting surprise. These chocolates, unlike candy, are actually healthy for you. The chocolate in Sedona is different from candy in many ways. It isn’t cooked with refined sugars, full of milk, or other ingredients that you may have trouble pronouncing.


3 Hours

Tour includes a stop at one chocolate shop and 3 chocolates of your choice.



5 Hours

From January 9, 2020 at noon every Thursday, we are pleased to offer our brand new tour, Sedona & Verde Valley Tour – 5 Hour – Wine, Chocolate, Beer, & Lunch in Sedona, Arizona. We will meet at noon at Decanter Tasting Room (in The Collective) in Sedona’s Village of Oak Creek.




5 Hours

Tour includes two chocolate stops and 4 chocolates of your choice at each location.



7 Hours

Tour includes three chocolate stops and 11 chocolates combined from the chocolate locations of your choice.




75 Minutes

Vino Di Sedona’s special for guests of Wine Tours of Sedona is a charcuterie board with three items; cured Italian meats, three cheeses, bread, fruit, olives and figs. Alternatives for special dietary preferences available. Wine is paired with their food, offered are AZ flights (12 ounces of wine), sweet or dry. You can choose what’s best for you. For $99, you get 75 more minutes of wine sampling, plus everything listed above.


Whether you start your tour mid-day or later in the evening, we ensure your meals are filling and nourishing. tour is starting mid-day or in the later afternoon, Wine Tours of Sedona is happy to ensure that your stomach is getting properly nourished while out on your experience with us. Based on the tour itinerary and the stops we choose to make, you have an array of options available to you for lunch or dinner. All you need to is tell us when you are hungry and what you are in the mood for, we take care of the rest.


2 Hours

This is a great addition to any of our wine tours for people visiting for a short time. It lets them see Sedona and our red rock formations. We will share with you some of Sedona’s more magical points of interest. If you choose to add this, we make sure you can see the Sedona sunset from the best angle.

First and foremost, it is raw. What does that mean, you may wonder? Well, by consuming raw Sedona chocolate, that means we don’t heat the cacao above 108 degrees F during the creation process. By keeping it at a lower temperature, all the qualities of the cacao that are good for you remain intact. The most commonly known one is that raw dark Sedona chocolate is very high in antioxidants, which is really good for you. Though that is only the tip of the iceberg, as they say. There are over 144 health benefits to eating raw chocolate.

Being raw is only part of the health benefits. It’s organic, which speaks for itself. It’s gluten-free, soy-free, chemical-free, and dairy-free. Meaning it is free of all the stuff you don’t want in your chocolate and full of all the things you do want. Natural ingredients. Things like maca, lacuma, goji berries, bee pollen, sch izandra, chaga or reishi mushrooms are all in the chocolates you will find in Sedona. These may sound like foreign ingredients to you, but each offers an array of health benefits.

Most candies that say “chocolate” use refined sugars, which cause tooth decay and raise blood sugar. These sweeteners make people more likely to get diabetes. Sedona chocolatiers take a different approach. Using raw honey, coconut sugar, stevia, xylitol, agave syrup, and other natural sweetness makes a healthier, low glycemic, authentic Sedona chocolate — which is healthier.

Do you enjoy milk? More than likely you do. However, when you put it in chocolate, it reduces the quality of it. Although many of my customers do enjoy milk, in reality it’s very bad for you. It was meant for baby cows to drink, not humans. You put it in chocolate and it’s just not good. For those of you that do enjoy dark chocolate, you will love our chocolate! It’s dark and delicious.

Finally, most mainstream chocolates have a lot of ingredients that you nor I can pronounce, let alone get our head around what they are actually doing in our chocolate. Preservatives, artificial flavors, coloring agents, emulsifiers, and loads of other junk are all in these candies. You won’t find any of this in the chocolates made in Sedona. The chocolates here are all hand made by people, not giant machines, who truly care about the quality of the products they are making. By taking chocolate making to a pure level, the result is not candy, but something that’s actually healthy. Really!

Join us for one of our Raw Chocolate Tours, where you will learn about the geological reasons our rocks are red, and also get to enjoy some of the best chocolates available. We’ll explore ChocolaTree in Sedona – a popular eatery.

Some say that the red rocks of Sedona are quite arguably one of the most beautiful places in the United States, if not the world. As the owner and your guide, I would agree. Others say that some of the most delicious chocolate in the world comes from Belgium. I would disagree, and say that it comes from right here in Sedona.

Allow yourself to experience the magical energies of Sedona’s numerous vortex sites, and other energy centers on this extraordinary tour. And this is only the beginning! Your guide will allow you to enjoy all the beauty there is to behold within red rock country on this fun and informative tour. You may even see some of the local wildlife. Learn about the geology, flora, fauna, and more.

Add to this a sampling of some of the raw and organic chocolate that is made right here in Sedona, and your time here only gets to be more delicious. Sedona is home to over a half dozen incredible chocolatiers making a wide variety of types of chocolate. One thing they all have in common is that they are all infused with red rock energy and full of healthy and delicious superfoods. Each is as unique as the red rocks are to other parts of the world. And if you are worried about your blood sugar levels, many of the chocolates made in Sedona have low glycemic sweeteners, such as honey, coconut sugar, and stevia.

After sampling some of the chocolates at either ChocolaTree Eatery, Lulu’s Chocolate Lounge, or Gone Green, we head back to the rocks while you’re on your chocolate high. There’s so much more we have to share with you.

Every tour is customized to your group, so we may visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross or other places of interest. If you are wanting to get more meditative and quite with your time here, we can share with you the Amitabha Stupa and neighboring Medicine Wheel. We’ll show you some of the great sights in Oak Creek Canyon, like buying handmade jewelry and pottery from the Navajo and Hopi Indians.

For the full-on raw chocolate and Sedona chocolate experience, enjoy the day with us. On this journey, not only will you get the most expansive tour of Sedona’s red rock formations, but you will also get to see how Indians lived here centuries ago. Add three chocolate stops at different locations to get a delicious day full of chocolate.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you can add delicious red wines to your tour by joining the Verde Valley Wine Trail. We recommend a visit to Vino Di Sedona. Here you can enjoy a wine tasting to go with your chocolate, plus a charcuterie board. What’s great about them is not only do they carry wines from across the state of Arizona, but across the world. If booking your tour online, during the checkout process, add our Vino Di Sedona option at just $99 per adult. This gives you an additional 75 minutes to your tour, your wine sampling, plus a charcuterie board.

If you just want to have us include lunch or dinner on your raw chocolate tour, we would be delighted to do so. Choosing to do so is only $33 extra per person for lunch and $55 extra per person for dinner. We have the best recommendations for food, from pizza to steak, Italian or Mexican, so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

If you want to relax after seeing Sedona’s red rocks and chocolate shops, consider a massage.For just $150 per person we will handle everything. Whenever it’s best for you, we will have a licensed professional massage therapist come right to you. Enjoy a relaxing one hour massage in the comfort of your hotel room.

We know that all that sightseeing makes you hungry for more chocolate. Not to worry. Before your tour is over we have another chocolate stop in store for you.

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