Sedona is a breathtakingly beautiful destination with abundant outdoor activities and natural wonders. From the awe-inspiring red rocks to the tranquil canyons and mesas, it’s easy to see why this Arizona city is such a popular tourist spot. Whether you’re looking for adventurous Sedona Red Rock hiking or a peaceful tour of Sedona, AZ, wineries, this city has something for everyone.

Hike Through Red Rock Country

Sedona Red Rock hiking is an experience like no other. This breathtaking landscape of canyons, mesas, and sediments gives hikers a chance to explore some of the most stunning scenery in the United States.

There are a variety of trails and Sedona Red Rock hiking options allow you to choose what you want to see and do. For a variety of trails and options, consider heading to Red Rock State Park. Here you’ll find the beautiful Oak Creek, trails for all different levels of experience, and the beautiful natural scenery the area has to offer. As you’re hiking through the park, keep an eye out for the variety of wildlife that lives here, ranging from javelina and mule deer to bobcats and coyotes.

If you’re looking for a guided tour, you can find Sedona Red Rock hiking tours that not only show you the beauty of the area but also teach you about the history, the ecology, and more about Sedona and the surrounding area.

Visit the Chapel Of The Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a stunning landmark in Sedona, Arizona. This chapel is an incredible sight to behold. It was built directly into the iconic red rocks of the area and completed in 1956. Since then, it has become an iconic attraction in Sedona and is something to see first-hand.

Visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a truly unique experience. The chapel is beautiful and inspiring, but it’s also surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty – from the soaring red rocks to the rolling hills surrounding it. Whether you’re looking for a spiritual experience or want to take in some stunning views, there’s something for everyone at this beautiful site.

Drive Along the Boynton Canyon Scenic Roadway

The Boynton Canyon Scenic Roadway is an incredible drive through the red rocks of Sedona. This scenic drive winds through the canyons, providing breathtaking views you can’t find anywhere else. The road is open to cars and RVs, making it an excellent choice for a day trip or part of your weekend getaway. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the stunning views, with several overlooks located along the length of this picturesque journey.

When driving on the Boynton Canyon Scenic Roadway, you should check the conditions before starting your journey. The road may close due to bad weather or other issues, so always double-check that it’s open before heading out.

Take a Cottonwood Wine Tour

Sedona, AZ wineries are a fantastic option when you’re looking for something fun and interesting to do in the city. Taking a Cottonwood wine tour is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience Arizona’s beautiful landscape and sample some of its finest wines. Cottonwood is home to many award-winning wineries, many of which are open for tastings and tours.

The most popular way to explore the wineries in Cottonwood is to go on a guided tour with an experienced guide. On a guided tour, you’ll experience a variety of wines, food options, and more. Plus, you get the knowledgeable and informational companionship of a guide who not only knows the area, but is well-versed in wines, wine pairings, and what else you can do in the city!

At each stop on a Cottonwood wine tour, you get the opportunity to meet the winemakers who produce these exquisite beverages. Hear their stories firsthand as they explain their processes and tell tales about growing up in the area. You may even get lucky enough to taste some wines right out of the barrel! This is an unforgettable experience that leaves you wanting more!

Go Stargazing at the Sedona Airport Mesa

The Sedona Airport Mesa is an excellent spot for stargazing due to its elevation, lack of light pollution, and clear skies. With the help of telescopes available for public use, you can observe various astronomical objects, such as constellations, stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies.

Several events are held at the Sedona Airport Mesa throughout the year, such as star parties and lectures by astronomy experts. These events are perfect for those looking to learn more about space exploration or enjoy a night under the stars with friends and family. During these events, you can observe various celestial bodies through powerful telescopes operated by experienced staff.

Eat Something Delicious

A trip to Sedona isn’t complete without eating some delicious food. Whether you’re checking out the top restaurants in the city or you want something a little more unique, we’ve got you covered.

Did you know that Sedona has multiple high-quality chocolate shops that offer tastings? You can take a raw chocolate tour to get a unique experience that sets your tastebuds dancing. The chocolate shops and raw chocolates you can try aren’t like what you’ll get in big box stores. Instead, they are unique and delightful. Many tours are available, with options to add on a wine-tasting option. If you’re looking for something romantic to do, you can’t beat wine and chocolate tasting!

The city offers eateries that you shouldn’t miss, as well. Have a delicious meal while overlooking the beautiful scenery of the area at Hideaway House. With multiple patios open to the views, this is a must-see (and must-eat!) stop in Sedona. With specialty pizzas, delicious pasta, and more, you might come for the food, but stay for the view.

So Much to See and Do

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or want to see what the city has to offer indoors, Sedona has a little something for everyone. Take a beautiful Sedona Red Rock hiking trip, tour the delicious Sedona, AZ wineries, or take in the cosmos when you visit the city. This will be a vacation you’ll talk about for years to come!

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