Sedona sees about three million tourists each year – and for good reason!

It is a beautiful city that has so many things to do. From hiking to horseback riding, and going on wine tasting tours to stargazing in the desert, you won’t run out of things to do.

If you plan to visit Sedona sometime soon, you won’t want to miss these activities! Keep reading this guide for traveling tips for your trip to Sedona!

Wine Tasting Tours

If you’re a wine lover, you won’t want to miss the wine tasting tours in Sedona!

There are so many different types of winery tours that you can choose from when you visit Sedona.

You can choose to go wine tasting at one of the wineries in the area or choose to visit several. Just make sure that you plan an entire day or two for this since you’ll want to spend ample time at each winery to get the real feel of it all!

Sedona Red Rock Tours

There are many different Sedona Red Rock tours that you can choose from as well!

You can do this on your own or through a tour company, but either way, you won’t want to miss it!

There are some attractions in this area as well as great wildlife viewing if you love to look at the wildlife of a specific area!

Not only that, but the hiking trails around Red Rock are amazing! You will for sure be blown away by the beauty of them all. You can also choose a trail for your own hiking abilities as well.

Some trails are less than 5 miles while some are over 15! There is something for everyone here.

Go Horseback Riding

Do you love animals? Do you love to take advantage of doing something a bit different in the places that you go?

Then you would love to take advantage of horseback riding in Sedona! You can experience the beauty of the area on horseback! Ride through the desert, near all the cacti, see wild animals, and soak up the sun!

This is the perfect activity to do after a long day of hiking the day before.

Check Out a Spiritual Center

Sedona has a reputation for being a spiritual and mystical destination in the United States. Many people actually visit Sedona because it is known to be a vortex.

That means that there is a lot of energy in this area of the country that is conducive to healing, medication, and self-exploration. Many come to seek this energy to feel more alive and heal themselves from physical and mental pain.

While here, you can visit one of the many spiritual centers in the area for meditation, yoga, or other healing practices. The four places that are considered to be the best known vortexes are Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you spend some of your days taking in the beauty of Sedona from the ground on horseback or hiking, you may want to change it up a bit! You should consider taking a hot air balloon ride above Sedona!

You’ll be able to see the vast cliffs and deserts as well as the city below you. This may be a vantage point you have never experienced before – and it is more than worth it!

This is something you’ll definitely want to book in advance if you want to do it on your visit to Sedona, so keep this in mind as you plan your trip!

Hike to Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is one of the four areas best known for its vortex. However, it offers much more than healing energy! It has some of the most beautiful views in town.

You can hike up Cathedral Rock itself by taking the 1.2-mile round-trip hike. You can also hike Red Rock Crossing to Cathedral Rock to view the entire Rock during your hike.

If you don’t want to hike all the way to Cathedral Rock but want to experience the beauty of it, you can spend your day at Crescent Moon Picnic Site instead. It is open during the day with a small fee to enjoy the views!

Don’t Miss Devil’s Bridge

If you want to go to one of the most popular areas in Sedona, you will want to plan your day to hike to Devil’s Bridge. Just know that you are going to have to wait in a line to get your picture and go on the bridge if you are going during peak season.

It is always best to go really early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Going during an off-season will also decrease your odds of having to wait in any lines after the hike to the area.

Don’t Miss These Sights When Traveling to Sedona

Traveling to Sedona can be a dream come true for many people because of the beauty and healing powers that await you here!

However, there are so many different things that you can do to enjoy this beautiful city! From taking various hikes to going horseback riding or enjoying wine tasting tours or even a micro-brewery tour, there is so much to do!

If you enjoyed reading about these Sedona travel tips, be sure to contact us if you have any questions about a tour that we can do for you while you are here!

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