Are you thinking about treating yourself to a wine tour in Sedona? You’re in good company.

Research shows that Americans in 2021 consumed 1.1 billion gallons of wine — the highest amount in one year during the past several decades.

Sedona is an especially beautiful area to explore, with local events you might catch if you plan your wine tour in time. Here’s a rundown on when you should plan wine tours in Sedona.

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When to Go on Wine Tours in Sedona

Wine tours in Sedona are most popular in the spring or fall, when the vineyards’ scenery is especially stunning. However, wine enthusiasts also enjoy touring vineyards in the summer, as the grape growing season is between April and October.

If you want to enjoy wine in Sedona during the winter season, you can plan a visit at this time, too. However, the grapevines will be dormant at this time, so you won’t get to see fruit hanging during your tours. Still, this season is the least busy in Sedona, so you’ll likely have an easier time finding the room you want in one of the leading Sedona boutique hotels.

Spring Season

For wine in Sedona, you can’t beat the spring season. Sedona boutique hotels are hopping in the spring, and for good reason: This season stands out for its ideal weather and gorgeous flowers. You’ll also get to witness the wine bottling process.

In Sedona, you’ll see vineyards begin to awaken. You’ll also have the chance to take in vibrant hillsides covered with wildflowers. The vibe during this season is cheerful and relaxed overall with the days getting longer.

Note that you might experience some rain during the spring. However, the temperature will typically be inviting and mild — perfect for outdoor wine touring and tasting.

This makes spring the best time to experience Sedona if you’re not a fan of the summer heat.

Sedona Local Activities in Spring

Spring is also the best time to visit Sedona if you’re looking for fun festivals and other activities to indulge in during your trip.

For instance, you can experience some exciting shows at the Old Town Center for the Arts in April and May.

These include a spring multi-media experience called Unfurl. This late-April film explores the interwoven and intricate lives of the natural world’s elements, like plants.

In addition, if you plan to go on a wine tour in the Verde Valley in May, you can take time to immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds of Sofrito and the Blues, a Latin quartet.

Sedona-Area Sightseeing Opportunities in Spring

Also, perhaps you’d like to make a pit stop at the Grand Canyon. Between March and May is one of the best times to visit this mile-deep northern Arizona gorge.

The weather at this time of the year is sunny, but it’s not uncomfortably hot. You just might spot some beautiful wildflowers as well as some rare birds, such as the California condor, and baby animals, too.

Red Rock Canyon is another must-see site if you plan to tour Sedona vineyards in the spring. The conservation area has some of the longest hours during this season.

Fall Season

The fall season is another in-demand time to book Sedona luxury hotels and go on wine tours. The reason for this can be summed up in two words: the colors.

During the autumn, you get to see wineries and vineyards in their prime with breathtaking vine and landscape colors, like yellow, gold, red, and orange. In addition, producers are heavily focused on grape harvesting in the autumn As a result, you might see people picking grapes for crushing, and you may also have the chance to visit winemakers without having to make special appointments.

Some wineries during the fall might also offer special experiences or events. These include wine and food festivals, as well as live music. You might even have the chance to stomp wine with your feet or engage in barrel tastings.

Some winery facilities also provide opportunities for guests to see their wine production processes in action.

Temperatures and Sightseeing Opportunities

During the fall season, you can expect mild temperatures as well. Highs may reach no higher than the low 80s, and lows probably won’t dip below the 50s. You also likely won’t have to worry about precipitation.

The stunning sunsets during the fall are yet another reason to plan an autumn wine tour in Sedona. Because fall is so scenic, it is one of the best times (besides spring) to visit the Grand Canyon and Red Rock as well.

Because August to October is so popular in Sedona, you’ll want to make your wine tour reservations and book one of your favorite Sedona luxury hotels in advance.

Summer and Winter Seasons

Summer and winter also have something unique to offer wine tourists.

During the summer, you can experience sweeping views of the landscape, summer wine and food festivals, and luscious fruit. The temperature can be extremely hot during this season. However, this heat is necessary for growing some grape varieties, so if you can stand it, juicy grapes will be your reward.

Note that you can enjoy Red Rock’s scenic drive during the summer as well, as it is open year-round.

The winter can be chilly with highs in the low 60s and lows in the high 30s. However, between November and January, you can enjoy festive holiday gatherings and dinners at area restaurants. You may also be able to take advantage of wine specials at wineries during the winter.

Also, if you want to visit the Grand Canyon during this season, you’re in luck. You just might catch a glimpse of the canyon’s snow-covered landscapes.

How We Can Help with Our Wine Tours

If you’re interested in going on wine tours in Sedona, spring and summer are among the best seasons to visit due to the temperate weather and gorgeous landscapes. During these seasons, you can enjoy several local activities, like films, and also plan a spectacular trip to the Grand Canyon.

At Wine Tours of Sedona, we offer several wine tour options that last several hours each. We’ve been offering these tours the longest in Sedona.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our wine tours, and book your visit today!

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