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Love is in the air! It’s in the wine and red rocks too…

Here at Wine Tours of Sedona, the beautiful winter weather has brought us into that cozy feeling of connectedness once again. There is no better way to celebrate love in all its forms than with a Sedona wine tour that includes the fabulous vino of our region but…remember this…we also have amazing chocolate tasting tours. If you haven’t heard, research shows that chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins and feel good transmitters like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. Who doesn’t want to feel those?

We’d love to share our local chocolates and wines with you and we’ve got a Valentine’s Day Special good for ALL of February. Just make sure to mention “Valentine’s Special 2023” in the Special Requests section of your reservation online and you’ll receive a free bottle of wine and a “Wine Tours of Sedona” canvas tote bag, one per couple, on all Sedona & Verde Valley Tours. This is just our way to spread more love and enrich your experience with us.

“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.” ~Eduardo Galeano~

Cheers to LOVE and the love of WINE!



Feb 2023: Featured Vineyard

Sedona is known for many glorious attributes and if you didn’t know this, it is touted as being a hub of UFO activity. Many of our “urban myths” include a secret military outpost that is housed underground and whenever locals see military helicopters overhead, you’ll overhear them saying something like, “Well, there must be more ET activity going on.” The UFO phenomena is alive and thriving in the red rocks.

On that note, our featured winery this month, Four 8 Wineworks, has the best Origin story that deserves some attention just for the pure genius and humor. And, could any of it be true? I’ll let you decide. This comes directly from their website: https://four8wineworks.com/#wine

We’d love to take you on a wine tour in Sedona and include this funtastic winery. Enjoy!

“Four 8 Wineworks, named after the 48th State, Arizona, was founded in January of 1912 following a confidential cloak-and-dagger exchange between extraterrestrial visitors seeking asylum and state politicians seeking statehood for Arizona. Before their presence was discovered, these alien refugees had quietly and successfully introduced Sentient Organic Matter aka: Vitis Vinifera aka: Grape Vines, to the high elevation regions for what is now known as Arizona. But local politicians seeing statehood were counting favor from influential prohibitionists at the federal level. The prospect of a thriving wine industry ran contrary to their mission. After months of deliberation in the now historic mining town of Jerome, AZ, both parties agreed upon the following: The E.T.s would be granted asylum in the Verde Valley in exchange for the use of their Neuralizer technology (aka: Memory Replacement). Although Vinifera was best suited for AZ’s high elevation regions, the entire Southwest would be Neuralized into believing California was a better growing option and that the first plantings had been established there in the late 1700’s. Ludicrous, yes. But as a deep dive into forensic accounting will show, Arizona’s primary source of revenue prior to cotton was the sale of Vinifera to California’s early wine regions. Ground zero for this clandestine exchange was and continues to be Four 8 Wineworks. “State Last. Grapes First. The truth is in here.”


Feb 2023: Highlighted Tours

Rock Star Wine Tour

Everybody’s got a special kind of story
Everybody finds a way to shine
It don’t matter that you got not a lot
So what
They’ll have theirs
And you’ll have yours,
And I’ll have mine
And together…we’ll be fine.

~Maynard James Keenan~

At Wine Tours of Sedona we are devoted to Sedona wines but we also have a devotion to our local culture, the glorious nature of the landscape, the talented artists, the incredible cuisine, and the uniqueness of the people who are fortunate enough to live here and create art in all its many magical forms. What this artist has brought to our area encompasses all these aspects.

I’ve included this quote from our local Rock Star who is world famous. You may know him through his music from the Bands, TOOL, Puscifer, or A Perfect Circle. What many people don’t know is that Maynard James Keenan is more than a writer, poet, and musician. He is also a wine maker and lives in Jerome, Arizona, right in our neighborhood of Sedona.

If you have an affinity for music, delicious handmade pasta, and locally sourced organic ingredients, and a selection of white, red, bubbly, and dessert wines, then this tour IS for you! The sound of corks popping will be music to your ears.

Caduceus Cellars was the first tasting room offered to wine enthusiasts by Maynard James Keenan, followed by Four Eight WineWorks (our featured vineyard mentioned in this newsletter), and most recently Merkin Vineyards and Wine Tasting Osteria. On this rock star wine tasting experience, not only do you get to enjoy a diverse selection of wines from each of his locations with wines that are made exclusively by MJK, but also while at Four Eight Wineworks you get to enjoy wines from Arizona’s newest and smallest wine makers. Then while at Merkin Vineyards, we’ll pair a selection of his delicious pastas, salads, and other items with more wines. Check out more on MJK at https://caduceus.org/

For the romantic, music and wine enthusiast, this Sedona wine tour is meant for you and will be a day to remember; five, rich hours of wine tasting and a delectable lunch. When touring Sedona, this choice totally ROCKS!!

Book this Sedona wine tour with us at: https://winetoursofsedona.com/wine-country-tours/


Feb 2023: Upcoming Events

Old Town Center for the Arts

Many of our local Sedona wine tasting rooms are located in the surrounding areas such as Cottonwood where the enlivened Old Town area is booming with art, music and Sedona wines. One of the best places to enjoy entertainment is at OTCA, Old Town Center for the Arts. With this being the month to celebrate LOVE our local comedy troupe known as ZenProv is highlighted in our Wine Tours of Sedona newsletter. These folks have been offering laughter as good medicine for years now and have a wonderful following. It’s a perfect way to punctuate your date night after touring Sedona with us.


Sun Moon Studio/Sedona

For those who’d like to spice up their tours in Sedona by experiencing something totally unique then we invite you to check out Sun Moon Studio/Sedona. From adult ballet and Kundalini classes to Afro-Caribbean and Ecstatic dance classes, you’ll find your center one way or the other while moving your body and feeling what it is to be alive! We’re so happy to support this wonderful offering in Sedona.


Sedona Apotheca

One of our favorite chocolate spots called Synergy Sedona is located right next to Apotheca and both are owned and operated by Sierra Shafer, an incredibly gifted musician turned entrepreneur. For a real taste of Sedona beyond wine tasting we recommend checking out Apotheca for the fabulous herbal offerings. On February 19th, bring your guitar or your open heart and enjoy their Open Mic Night. From wonderful teas and unique healthy concoctions to music and poetry, Apotheca is a definite must see when touring Sedona.

Sedona Creative Life Center

Spirituality is thriving at the Sedona Creative Life Center where there are always unique events catering to the seeking souls that find themselves living in or touring Sedona. Check out this Valentine’s event offering the words and poetry of greats like Rumi and Hafiz as well as the intriguing healing art of sound offered by two of Sedona’s favorite local artists.


Ultimate Light Mission

If you’re looking for a unique Sedona experience that encompasses Quantum Consciousness, then the ultimate place to visit on Fridays in February is Ultimate Light Mission. This is the place to learn how to amplify energy, vibrations and intentions as you move into 2023.

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

When looking for anything and everything from Independent Films to yoga classes and gallery openings you’ll find a calendar of events at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce website with all the happenings going on locally. As members of the Chamber, Wine Tours of Sedona we’re not just about Sedona wines. We’re about community and we support our local business owners on every level. When touring Sedona you’ll be able to create a getaway like no other and we hope to be part of that adventure.



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