Jim ReichHappy Father’s Day and Summer Solstice!

Father’s Day is June 18th and the summer solstice happens on June 21st, initiating the season. With summer comes the joys of hiking, biking, ballooning, and wine tours when visiting Sedona. It’s a magical time to be near the creeks and rivers of our area where you will find the richness of our viticulture something worth exploring.

As the heat of summer ripens the grapes to be harvested it also beckons the mystical creatures of the season including June bugs (or scarabs as they are sometimes known). They have been considered symbols of transformation and rebirth in many ancient cultures. Their outer shells symbolize protection to those who see them and since they are nighttime creatures, they’re naturally attuned to lunar vibrations and the cycles of the moon inviting us to find our intuitive nature. They represent success and are said to bring with them career developments, and material gain. Emerging from the soil to mate and reproduce is seen to represent personal growth and transformation. Beetle Spirit aligns with Earth, corresponding with being grounded, having stability and trust in the material world and Air, corresponding with higher thought, communicating with spirits/angles, and having greater vision. Some traditions say that when Beetle Spirit comes into your life, its time for change and the medicine is to regroup, stay true to yourself and return to your community of heart to find peace. It is time for growth and renewal.

I hope if you’re visiting Sedona or the Verde Valley, that you will be blessed with June bug medicine and the opportunity to enjoy our local eateries, chocolatiers, breweries and scenery with Wine Tours of Sedona.

Cheers to your personal growth and transformation!



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June 2023: Upcoming Events

At Wine Tours of Sedona we deeply appreciate the Arts of all kinds, beginning with the art of wine making. We love our local businesses and all they have to offer. Here are a some of our faves with events every month. Just click on the header and you’ll be taken to their website where you can find a myriad of events happening in Sedona.

Old Town Center for the Arts

Many of our local Sedona wine tasting rooms are located in the surrounding areas such as Cottonwood where the enlivened Old Town area is booming with art, music and Sedona wines. One of the best places to enjoy entertainment is at OTCA, Old Town Center for the Arts. When touring Sedona, OTCA is something you don’t want to miss.

Sun Moon Studio/Sedona

For those who’d like to spice up their tours in Sedona by experiencing something totally unique then we invite you to check out Sun Moon Studio/Sedona. From adult ballet and Kundalini classes to Afro-Caribbean and Ecstatic dance classes, you’ll find your center one way or the other while moving your body and feeling what it is to be alive!

Sedona Apotheca

One of our favorite chocolate spots called Synergy Sedona is located right next to Apotheca. For a real taste of Sedona beyond wine tasting we recommend checking out Apotheca for the fabulous herbal offerings and unique events from educational programs to live entertainment. Tours of Sedona are even better with local offerings such as what you’ll find here.

Sedona Creative Life Center

Spirituality is thriving at the Sedona Creative Life Center where there are always unique events catering to the seeking souls that find themselves living in or touring Sedona. You can get totally spiritually intoxicated without even tasting a Sedona wine!

Ultimate Light Mission

If you’re looking for a unique Sedona experience beyond a wine tour that encompasses everything from Martial Arts to Belly Dance to Meditation then a visit to Ultimate Light Mission is a way to accomplish this. Inclusive to all ages, there is something for everyone here and it is a wonderful way to add to your unique tours of Sedona.

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

When looking for anything and everything from Independent Films to yoga classes and gallery openings when touring Sedona you’ll find a calendar of events at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce website “Visit Sedona” with all the happenings going on locally. As members of the Chamber, Wine Tours of Sedona we’re not just about Sedona wines. We’re about community and we support our local business owners on every level. When touring Sedona you’ll be able to create a getaway like no other and we hope to be part of that adventure.


Pets, Gift Certificates and Complimentary Photos

Get 10% off your tours of Sedona when you bring your pet!
At Wine Tours of Sedona we are super pet friendly. We love our human clients and their fur babies too. Bring your pet along for one of our premiere wine tours and receive 10% off any tour. We will customize the tour to accommodate all the animal friendly wineries. While enjoying Sedona wines, your pet will get the royal treatment and not be left behind.

Gift Certificates Available
Whether it’s a holiday gift or a special occasion, Wine Tours of Sedona offers year round gift certificates for your favorite people. Unique, crafted, inclusive, educational and FUN!
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Complimentary Digital Photos
We offer complimentary digital photos on all our tours! To see your tour photos visit:
www.sedonaazwine.com. You just enter the name of the tour you took with us. Photos are logged by your name and most recent date of the last tour. Enjoy! It is our pleasure to share Sedona wines and Sedona breweries with you.

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