The craft beer movement is no longer a “new fad.” Craft beer is here to stay. In 2023, the craft beer industry is projected to be worth $7.7 billion. There are high-quality breweries throughout the country, and many tourists love exploring new breweries when they’re on vacation.

Do you plan to visit Sedona, and are you a craft beer enthusiast? While Sedona is a popular spot for hikers and nature lovers, you can visit a Sedona brewery in this nature-filled city. Many of these breweries are top-rated and are some of the best in the entire state. Here are the best Sedona breweries to try.

Sedona Beer Company

Out of all the things to do in Sedona, visiting Sedona Beer Company is a must. Sedona Beer Company is located in Verde Valley, an area known for its First Nation heritage, wine, hiking trails, and natural scenery. This brewery offers indoor and outdoor seating, with incredible 360 views of the red rocks.

The company was founded by a couple who loves their local community and brews up some great beer.

Even though Sedona Beer Company is becoming more popular, they take a small-batch approach to brewing. That’s because the owners are passionate about sustainability. They take great measures to protect their water, use local ingredients, and only support businesses with the same ethics.

But are the beers any good? With an average 3.83-star rating on Beer Advocate, Sedona Beer Company has made many guests happy. From the darkest stouts to the lightest lagers, Sedona Beer Company offers a massive menu filled with all popular craft beer styles. Their Barel-lywine received the highest ratings on Beer Advocate. It’s a rich beer with a rose-floral finish, making it one of the most unique barleywine beers out there.

Guests also rave about their food menu. While they have classic brewery food, such as pretzel bites and burgers, their blistered shishito peppers and jackfruit sandwich are popular among regulars.

Pair it all with friendly staff members and affordable prices, Sedona Beer Company is the place that all beer lovers should experience.

Oak Creek Brewing Company

Oak Creek Brewing Company is arguably the most recognizable brewery in all Sedona. This award-winning brewery has been a staple in the community for 25 years. Even with these accolades, this is still a small and local brewery, so tourists can get a hometown feel while at the brewpub.

Based in downtown Sedona, their taproom offers everything from classic porters to a German Hefeweizen. Plus, they also produce delicious seasonal beers. Oak Creek Brewing Company has a large tap list. They have Happy Hour from 4 pm – 7 pm, and a pint of beer costs only $4.75. If you need a recommendation, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly and is always willing to help.

Oak Creek Brewing Company also opened a restaurant in Tlaquepaque called Oak Creek Brewery and Grill. They serve bar classics, such as onion rings, mac & cheese, and pizza.

THAT Brewery

THAT Brewery is technically in Cottonwood, AZ, but it’s only a short drive from Sedona. Owned by Steve and Tamara Morken, they formed THAT Brewery in 2012 after operating another business, Rimside Grill & Cabins. All beers are brewed on location, and handcrafted to perfection.

If you visit their Cottonwood location, they have 12 taps running. They make everything from stouts to IPAs, and regulars love enjoying fresh beer in their chill atmosphere.

This brewery doesn’t have a kitchen, but they offer snacks for munching. You can get delivery from another restaurant or even bring your own food.

Famous Pizza & Beer

This award-winning pizza restaurant is also one of the best breweries in the area. They have a couple of different locations, with one being in West Sedona.

They offer everything from IPAs to red ales, so everyone can find the perfect beer to pair with their pizza. Speaking of pizza, there’s a reason why this place is called “Famous Pizza & Beer”—they have some of the best pizzas in town. They have a massive menu filled with classics, specialty pizza, and a specific area dedicated to white pizza. You can even build you own pizza or order pizza by the slice.

All their pizzas are thin crust, and they make their own homemade sauce. If you’re not a pizza fan, this brewery also sells appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and more. Famous Pizza & Beer has a relaxing atmosphere and their staff members are friendly.

Verde Brewing Co.

Verde Brewing Co. is located in Camp Verde, a 30-minute drive from Sedona. But many craft beer enthusiasts still make the drive, and there’s a good reason why—they’re said to have some of the best beer in Sedona, but also the entire state. The brewery was formed by Alex Goetting, a Virginia native who fell in love with the state and area. He has training and a background in brewing beer, so he knew scenic Camp Verde was the perfect place to form his brewery.

Verde Brewing Co. has eight rotating taps at all times. They also offer flights for those who prefer trying a little bit of everything. Or, you can ask their friendly staff members for recommendations. Verde Brewing Co. brews everything from sours to stouts, so everyone can find a beer they will love.

The brewery itself is family-friendly and inviting, perfect for all tourists who want to sit back and enjoy some quality beers. Verde Brewing Co. does sell food, though they have a small menu. Still, they serve classic pub food, such as pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, and nachos. They also have weekly specials and food is often included in their Happy Hour deals.

Check Out These Sedona Breweries

Do all of these Sedona breweries sound great? While many craft beer tourists rent a car to travel to these breweries, that is extra time and money on your hands. Plus, you don’t want to drink and drive! Fortunately, you have other options. More wine tours are adding micro brewery tours to their long list of services, offering a solution to craft beer enthusiasts who want a simple way to hit many breweries in Sedona, AZ.

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